I look forward to the first league match

Sep 01

I look forward to the first league match

After the summer transfer from Pescara to Olympiakos Pireus, Vlado has joined the summer pre-season training. We asked him few questions regarding this training.

A pre-season training is finished. Can you compare it with preparation that you had every year in Manchester City?

It was my first preparation since my 15 that I did with different club than Manchester City. We had the first camp in Austria, by coincidence in the same place as we did the last year with the City. Regarding the conditions, it is on the same level, we had an excellent conditions and outstanding matches.

Due to injury problems originated yet in Pescara, you missed two test matches during preparation. Is the issue OK now?

I still have some minor troubles with the same issue like already in Pescara; after the training camp, where we were running a lot, my thigh muscle became slightly weakened and a knee sore appeared again. Everyday I train little bit more, it is not the 100 % yet, but it gets better and I do believe to be fully OK soon.

Friendly match against Liverpool, played at Anfield Road is definitely a great experience for each player. How did you spend this match?

I played at the Anfield for the second time in my life, it is an experience and a great feeling that I would indulge to happen to every football player. Liverpool is a great club with great fans and the atmosphere was excellent.

In a friendly match against Anderlecht you played on home playground for the first time, in front of home fans. What do you think about your fans? Are they really as crazy as they are rumoured to be?

I am very glad that we managed to win at home. It was the most important, since we were not doing very well during preparation; however, I believe that we will kick off the season with a victory and we will play at least as good as we did home against Anderlecht. We played nice football, especially in the first half and fans surely had to like it as they were supporting us throughout the match. I look forward to meet the national team and then to the first league match played next week on Monday. I am convinced that the Olympiakos fans confirm their reputation and they will be our great support in all matches.